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Good News About Bad Credit Car Loans

Good News About Bad Credit Car Loans Almost half of all car purchases in America are financed. Couple this with that fact that 30 million Americans have credit problems and you see why there’s such an interest in bad credit car loans. While carrying higher interest rates than prime loans, bad credit car loans are not hard to get. Even people who have filed for bankruptcy can find a decent deal on auto financing if they shop around. It doesn’t matter if they buy new or used. Bad Credit Car Loans - Buying New For peace of mind, safety and hassle-free driving, there’s nothing like buying a new car.

Important News You Need To Read Before You Consolidate Student Loans!

Important News You Need To Read Before You Consolidate Student Loans! You are paying way too much for your Federal student loans, and your sick and tired of never having extra cash on hand for the things you'd like to be doing, and feeling a bit disillusioned about what life after graduation would be like. Your not alone! Millions of College Graduates are having the same feelings, facing the same fears, and wondering what in the world happened. It wasn't supposed to be like this! You may have had wide eyed visions of dinner parties and dining out. Driving a nice car and climbing your way up the corporate ladder. But it takes time to climb the ladder of success and in the meantime, once you graduate, your student loan grace periods begin to expire and before you know it, your deep in debt and in the red each month with no bling left over for any of those things you looked forward to being able to do. So you work and you scrimp and you save, but now the payments are behind and the service charges and late fees are adding up and you're not earning enough yet to make up for it.

Campaign Finance Reform… Or Revolution?

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